Montan Wax

Characteristics Melting Point Acid Number Saponification Number
Hard fossilized vegetable wax. Dark brown to light yellow color. From 84 to 90 degrees Centigrade 15 to 35 From 83 to 102


 Strohmeyer & Arpe is the exclusive North American importer of German montan wax-- both crude Romonta and S&A bleached wax.

Montan is a naturally occurring bituminous wax found in brown or lignite coal deposits. It is hard, non-toxic and resistant to decomposition. When used as an ingredient in polishes and waxes it imparts a scuff resistance, water repellency and high gloss. It is also used in high-quality carbon papers for multi-part business forms. Its popular characteristics make it an ideal ingredient in the manufacture of rubber products and as a lubricant in the manufacture of plastics.

Because montan wax reduces hydraulic conductivity by up to five orders of magnitude and has proven resistance to nearly all chemical groups tested, it is now being used for the underground encapsulation of hazardous waste sites.

Montan wax has many other applications, including its use in emulsions, as an asphalt additive, in investment casting and leather finishing, as a bonding agent in road building materials, and as an additive in paper making and lubricant manufacture.


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